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Client agreement

  1. The purpose of the General Terms and Conditions of the Client Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms and Conditions) is to set down the general principles of the client agreement of Tallink Tennisekool (registry code 80405811), a private hobby school of MTÜ Tallink-City Spordiklubi (hereinafter referred to as Tallink Tennisekool) that apply to the provision of courses and trainings offered by Tallink Tennisekool at Tallink Tennisekeskus at the address Osmussaare 7, Tallinn.
  2. Tallink Tennisekeskus offers tennis courses and training and general physical training (hereinafter referred to as Training) for a fee.
  3. The General Terms and Conditions apply to the students of Tallink Tennisekool (hereinafter referred to as the Student) under the client agreement, an application to join Tallink Tennisekool and/or some other contract. In addition, the Student is subject to the Price List and Good Practice Rules. Tallink Tennisekool has the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions, Price List, and Good Practice Rules unilaterally.
  4. The Student concludes a client agreement with Tallink Tennisekool or submits an appropriate application through the web site of Tallink Tennisekool (hereinafter referred to as the Client Agreement) to participate in Training, specifying the Training to be attended by the Student and offered by Tallink Tennisekeskus.
  5. A parent or legal representative (hereinafter referred to as the Parent) concludes and signs the Client Agreement on behalf of a Student who is younger than 18 years of age (an adult Student or Parent are hereinafter referred to as the Client) who together with the Student are solidarily liable before Tallink Tennisekeskus for the fulfilment of obligations of the Student arising from the Client Agreement.
  6. If necessary, Tallink Tennisekool has the right to make changes in the time of provision of Training by notifying the Student of such change in reasonable time in advance. Changing of the training schedule and replacing of training sessions or trainers will not be considered an amendment to the Client Agreement.
  7. Tallink Tennisekeskus forwards notices concerning the Client Agreement to the Client and/or the Student using the contact details included in the Client Agreement. The Client and/or the Student must notify Tallink Tennisekeskus of any changes in their personal data and/or contact data immediately. Tallink Tennisekeskus posts general notices to their website in the Internet.
  8. The Client notifies Tallink Tennisekool of giving up Training in writing at the address no later than by the 24th day of the previous calendar month.
  9. Tallink Tennisekeskus has the right of extraordinary cancellation of the Client Agreement without keeping to the requirement of a preliminary notice if the Client has incurred a debt in payment as specified in the Client Agreement for at least 30 consecutive calendar days or if the Client breaches materially the Client Agreement or parts thereof.
  10. Upon termination or cancellation of the Client Agreement, the tuition fee paid by the Client to Tallink Tennisekeskus will not be refunded.

Fee and payment rules

  1. The Client pays Tallink Tennisekeskus a tuition fee specified in the Client Agreement and/or Price List for Training.
  2. Tallink Tennisekool, the private hobby school of MTÜ Tallink-City Spordiklubi, is registered as a private hobby school and its tuition fee paid under the Client Agreement is considered as training expenses subject to income tax return.
  3. Each year by 1 November, the Parent must determine by electronic means to which sports club the sporting aid from the budget of the city of Tallinn will be allocated. If Tallink Tennisekeskus has not been confirmed as the receiver of the aid in regard of the Student, 10% of the tuition fee will be added.
  4. If two or more minors from one family train at Tallink Tennisekeskus, the Parent has the right to apply for a 10% reduction in the total amount of the tuition fee payable for the Students that are minors. For that purpose, the parent has to submit an application by e-mail to the chief trainer of Tallink Tennisekeskus at the address
  5. In case of absence from Training due to a disease that lasts over two subsequent weeks, Tallink Tennisekool relieves the Student who is a minor from half of the tuition fee by setting it off against the tuition fee of the following month.
  6. An invoice for the tuition fee is issued to the Client, Student or the person indicated by them for the current calendar month by the fifth day of each calendar month. The tuition fee must be paid by the term specified on the invoice.
  7. Failure to receive the invoice does not free the Client from the obligation to pay the tuition fee.
  8. If the Client has failed to pay the invoice issued to them in a timely manner, Tallink Tennisekool has the right to demand an interest on arrears of 0.06% a day on the sum not received.
  9. If the Client has an obligation to pay Tallink Tennisekool different payments concurrently, the sequence of payments made to fulfil the obligation will be the following: firstly, expenses made to collect the tuition fee; secondly, interests on arrears and penalties, and lastly, fees payable for using services.
  10. Tallink Tennisekool has to right to transfer the debt claim that it has against the Client or give collection thereof to a third person and forward data related to the debt claim to companies mandated by Tallink Tennisekool (e.g. collection and credit information companies) and forward data related to the debt claim. Upon the request of Tallink Tennisekool, the Client must compensate Tallink Tennisekool the costs incurred in relation to the collection of a debt claim by Tallink Tennisekool and/or a third person.


Participation in Training and rules for using Tallink Tennisekeskus

  1. A tennis training session lasts 60 minutes.
  2. A tennis-training group comprises up to 6 Students. The mini tennis training groups include more than 6 Students.
  3. Participation of the Student in a smaller tennis-training group or a longer Training session will be agreed on separately with the chief trainer.
  4. Adult Students can use the tennis equipment of Tallink Tennisekool.
  5. In case of absence from Training sessions, another group can be attended later upon an agreement with the trainer. This will be possible if the Student has notified of their absence in advance and if there is an appropriate group and time available. Trainings that the Student has not attended can be taken during the indoor season (until 31 May).
  6. Persons at least 16 years of age can use the services offered by Tallink Tennisekeskus independently. Persons younger than 16 years of age can use the tennis and badminton service of Tallink Tennisekeskus (no age restriction applied). Persons younger than 16 years of age are not permitted to participate in and be present in the gym and at group trainings, except for group trainings for general physical training specially designed for 7–15 year old children.
  7. Tennis indoor season begins on 1 September and ends on 31 May and the outdoor season begins on 1 June and ends on 31 August.
  8. Badminton season begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August.
  9. The Student is required to register his or her visit to Tallink Tennisekeskus with the trainer.
  10. The Student is aware of his or her health condition and is responsible for his or her wellbeing and health. The Student attends Training sessions offered by Tallink Tennisekool at his or her own responsibility and Tallink Tennisekool is not responsible for any traumas or possible accidents that the Student may suffer at Tallink Tennisekeskus.
  11. The Student is responsible for any damage caused to the property and equipment of Tallink Tennisekool and Tallink Tennisekeskus or third persons and must compensate any damage caused to Tallink Tennisekool, Tallink Tennisekeskus, or a third person.
  12. The Student must use the premises of Tallink Tennisekeskus as intended and in compliance with the Good Practice Rules of Tallink Tennisekeskus.
  13. Tallink Tennisekool is not responsible for any damage caused to the property of the Student at Tallink Tennisekeskus as well as for the preservation of any unattended items or items in lockers.
  14. Tallink Tennisekool is liable for the Student and the Student has the right to use legal remedies against Spordiklubi only if Spordiklubi has breached its obligations intentionally or due to grave negligence.


Processing of personal data

Tallink Tennisekool processes personal data of the Students and Clients in accordance with the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable legal acts and the Privacy Policy

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