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Mon-Fri 7-23, Sat-Sun 9-21

NB! Saunas are open from Monday to Friday from 15 to 23 and on weekends from 9 to 21.

Meet our coaches

Anu Ruutu

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Eveli Nikolajevski

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Filipp Provorkov

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Dagmar Neem-Hannes

group trainer (EST/ENG)

Signe Kampus

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Olga Grabovskaya

group trainer (EST/RUS)

Maria Trepova

group trainer (EST/ENG/RUS)

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