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General Terms and Conditions

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1. The purpose of the general terms and conditions (hereinafter: General Terms and Conditions) is to establish the procedure for the use of the services of OÜ Lasnamäe Spordikeskus, registry code 14083277 (hereinafter: Sports Centre), and the general principles of the Customer Agreement, which are valid at Tallink Tennis Centre located at 7 Osmussaare Street, Tallinn, managed by the Sports Centre.

2. The General Terms and Conditions apply to the visitors of Tallink Tennisekeskus (hereinafter referred to as the Client) under a client agreement, period card, one-time ticket, client agreement of children group training and other contracts. In addition, the Client is subject to the Price List and Good Practice Rules. The Sports Centre has the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions, Price List and Good Practice Rules unilaterally.

3. The Sports Centre provides payable services for using the tennis and badminton courts (hereinafter: Courts) and for attending group trainings and using the gym.

Customer Agreement

4. The Sports Centre and the Customer sign a customer agreement (hereinafter: Customer Agreement) which establishes the services used by the Customer and provided by the Sports Centre and Tallink Tennis Centre.

5. Upon entry into the Customer Agreement, the Sports Centre issues a card for the Customer (hereinafter: Customer Card). The Customer Card is personalised and may not be given to third persons for use.

6. A Customer should immediately notify the Sports Club upon losing the Customer Card. If a Customer Card is lost or damaged, a new Customer Card is issued to the Customer for the fee indicated in the Price List.

7. For a Customer under 18 years of age, the Customer Agreement is signed by his/her legal representative (parent or guardian). The legal representative is held solidarily liable to the Sports Centre together with the Customer for the performance of the Customer’s obligations arising from the Customer Agreement.

8. The Sports Centre is entitled to take photographs of the Customer with the aim of linking the photo with the Customer’s data in the database, identifying the user of the Customer Card, and monitoring whether the Customer Card is being used in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

9. The Sports Centre has the right to hold campaigns, the conditions of which are not deemed to be amendment of the Customer Agreements already signed and do not apply to the Customer Agreements already signed.

10. Any changes in the training schedule or substitution of training classes or instructors is not deemed to be amendment of the Customer Agreement.

11. The Customer is entitled to a training leave of up to two calendar months per calendar year by taking a one-month or a two-month leave at a time. During training leave, the Customer is not obliged to pay the training package fee and the Customer is not entitled to use the services offered by Tallink Tennis Centre under the Customer Agreement.

12. The training leave is formalised in writing or in a format (via e-mail) that can be reproduced in writing. If the Customer applies for training leave between the 1st and 24th date of the month, the training leave will begin on the 1st day of the next month. If the Customer applies for training leave on the 25th day of the month or later (in the same month), the training leave will begin on the 1st day of the month after the next.

13. The Customer pays for the services offered to the Sports Centre according to the conditions set out in the Customer Agreement and the prices indicated in the Customer Agreement and/or Price List.

14. Failure to receive the invoice does not exempt the Customer from the obligation to pay the fees established in the Customer Agreement.

15. If the Customer has failed to pay an invoice issued to them by due date, the Sports Centre (Spordikeskus) has the right to demand an interest on arrears of 0.06% a day on the sum unpaid.

16. If a Customer is obliged to simultaneously pay the Sports Centre multiple fees, first, expenses related to the collection of fees will be covered from the payments made to fulfil the duties; second, any interests and fines and finally, the fees established for the use of the services.

17. The Sports Centre has the right to assign the debt claim or give it to a third person for collection and forward the data concerning the claim to the company authorised by the Sports Centre (e.g. collection and credit companies) and forward the data concerning the debt claim. Upon the demand of the Sports Centre, the Customer undertakes to remunerate the Sports Centre the costs incurred in relation to the collection activities of the debt claim by the Sports Centre and/or a third person.

18. The Sports Centre will send any notifications regarding the Customer Agreement to the Customer to the contact details indicated in the Customer Agreement. The Customer must immediately notify the Sports Centre of any changes in his/her personal and/or contact details. The Sports Centre will publish general announcements online on its website.

19. The Customer Agreement is signed for the term specified in the Customer Agreement.

20. The Sports Centre has the right to cancel the Customer Agreement on extraordinary terms without advance notice if the Customer has delayed with a contractual payment for more than 30 consecutive calendar days or if the Customer in any other manner significantly breaches the Customer Agreement or parts thereof.

21. Upon the expiry or cancellation of the Customer Agreement, any payments made by the Customer to the Sports Centre are not to be refunded.

Period ticket

22. The period ticket is a temporary period ticket issued by the Sports Centre to the Customer for using the services provided by the Sports Centre (hereinafter: Period Ticket).

23. The Period Ticket is valid for the duration marked on the ticket with no pauses, cancellations, or extensions.

24. The Period Ticket is personal and may not be given to third parties to use.

Procedure for using Tallink Tennis Centre

25. The Customer uses Tallink Tennisekeskus and the services offered in Tallinn Tennisekeskus in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Customer Agreement, period ticket, or single-use pass.

26. Independent use of the services of Tallink Tennis Centre is allowed only to persons aged 16 or older. Persons under 16 years of age may use the tennis and badminton service of the Tallink Tennis Centre (no age limit). It is not permitted to take persons under 16 years of age along to the gym and group trainings.

27. The Sports Centre has the right to make changes in the opening hours of Tallink Tennis Centre.

28. The indoor tennis season lasts from 1 September to 31 May and the outdoor season from 1 June to 31 August.

29. Badminton season lasts from 1 September to 31 August.

30. The Customer must register his/her visit to Tallink Tennis Centre.

31. A Customer who has booked a single visit registers his/her name and contact details with the receptionist and pays for the use of the Court before playing. Single bookings for the Courts can be made 7 calendar days in advance.

32. The Sports Centre has the right to organise events at Tallink Tennis Centre, which might bring about restrictions for Customers in the use of Tallink Tennis Centre. The Sports Centre gives its customers sufficient advance notice of any events or other restrictions in the use of Tallink Tennis Centre.

33. The Sports Centre has the right to perform cleaning, maintenance and repairs in Tallink Tennis Centre in a manner that disturbs the Customers the least. The Sports Centre will give the Customers sufficient advance notice of such works.

34. In any issues related to the services provided at Tallink Tennis Centre and the use of any equipment, the Customer is instructed and advised by the staff of the Sports Centre. When using the services provided at Tallink Tennis Centre, the Customer follows the instructions given by the staff of the Sports Centre and uses the equipment according to the intended purpose.

35. In Tallink Tennis Centre, services are provided, training classes held and Customers instructed only by persons authorised by Tallink Tennis Centre. The Customer is not allowed to provide any of the abovementioned services to other Customers.

36. The Sports Centre has the right to limit the number of Customers attending the gym and group trainings at a time in order to create training conditions suitable for Customers and follow security requirements.

37. The Customer is aware of his/her health condition and assumes liability for his/her health and wellbeing. The Customer uses the services provided at Tallink Tennis Centre at his/her own responsibility and the Sports Centre will not assume responsibility for any traumas or accidents with the Customer at Tallink Tennis Centre.

38. The Customer is held responsible for damaging the property and inventory of the Sports Centre or third persons and is required to compensate any damages caused to the Sports Centre or a third person.

39. The Customer must use the premises of Tallink Tennis Centre for the intended purpose and in compliance with the Code of Good Practice of Tallink Tennis Centre.

40. The Sports Centre will not assume liability for any damages caused to the Customer’s property in Tallink Tennis Centre or the preservation of any items left unguarded or in the lockers.

41. The Sports Centre is liable to the Customer and the Customer has the right to use legal remedies against the Sports Centre only if the Sports Centre has violated its obligations intentionally or due to gross negligence.

Processing of personal data

42. The Sports Centre processes personal data of the Clients in accordance with the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable legal acts and the Privacy Policy

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