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Conditions Of Purchase

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Conditions Of Purchase

1. General conditions of sale
The conditions of sale are valid in the tennis and badminton court booking environment of between the buyer (hereinafter: Consumer) and the enterprise Lasnamäe Spordikeskus OÜ (hereinafter: Service Provider) for booking the courts and paying for them.
The Service Provider has the right to amend the conditions of sale. Amendments are available on the website:

2. Price information
All prices of the Service Provider are given in euros. Prices include VAT.
The Consumer will be sent a confirmation by e-mail about their booked playtime for the paid service.

3. Making a booking
Go to the website and enter the booking environment of your preferred sport (tennis/badminton), select a suitable time, enter your personal data (name, email, phone number), and determine the duration of the game.
Click on the link ‘Book a time’.
The Service Provider is entitled to move your game to another court for the same value and at the same time.
Please check the submitted information (court and game day, time, and duration of the game) and the accuracy of your personal data before confirming the booking.

If the Consumer cancels a booking that has already been paid for, they shall not be refunded.
If the Consumer wants to change the time of a booking that has already been paid for, they shall not be refunded, but the Consumer is entitled to:
change the time of the paid booking by notifying the Service Provider’s customer service by e-mail not less than 48 hours before the start of the game. The paid booking can then be moved to another day/time, but if the booking is moved to a cheaper price zone, the Service Provider shall not refund the sum, and if it is moved to a more expensive price zone, the Consumer must pay the deficient amount to the Service Provider on the spot. More information about price zones is available on the websites:,

When making a paid online booking, discounts of the following cards do not apply: Swedbank Visa, Mastercard Gold, Visa Platinum and Visa Business Gold; SEB Bank Gold/Platinum/Elite credit cards –10% and Tallink employee benefits.
The discounts for the above cards apply to bookings which are made by phone (6118383) or at the centre on the spot, and for which the Consumer pays at the centre on the spot by presenting the card providing the discount.
To confirm the booking, enter the necessary information and choose a payment method from the list. When paying through a bank link, you must choose your bank to make the payment. The payments are made in euros.
The booking is realised in accordance with the booked time at Tallink Tennis Centre, located at 7 Osmussaare Street, Tallinn.

4. Procedure for filing claims
The Consumer is entitled to file claims with the Service Provider at
The Consumer is not entitled to a refund for a completed and paid booking (see clause 3.4.1.).
In the case of unsolved claims, the Consumer has the right to contact the Consumer Protection Board.

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