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New tennis shoes have arrived to the Tallink Tennis Shop

New tennis shoes with eye-catching design and innovative technologies by well-known Japanese brand Asics have arrived to Tallink Tennis Shop.

Tennis shoes have the most cutting-edge technologies to provide more comfortable and effective tennis matches. Innovative outsole gives you the freedom and flexibility to switch direction in a fraction of a second, while the lightweight midsole provides excellent bounce-back and durability. Gel- technology in the rear and forefoot helps to cushion each step you take while delivering optimal comfort. New technologies increase also grip and traction to prevent twisting and injury as you move, while the removable sockliner provides added rebound and effective moisture management.

Either you play tennis for fun or you’re in it to win it, you are sure to find top-quality gear and clothing at a price range suitable for your wallet. Our friendly staff consists of passionate tennis players who will help you make the right choices to take your game to a whole new level.

During the summer the shop is open Mon-Thu 12.00 – 20.00.

At other times you will be assisted by the administrator of Tallink Tennis Centre.


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New Asics sneakers

Wilson is the number one tennis brand used by Grand Slam winning pros around the world, including Roger Federer. With a full dedication to sports and wellness, the brand has managed to fulfil its promise to provide athletes with the world’s best equipment.

Tule ja tutvu meie ASICS-i kollektsiooniga Tallinki Tennisepoes lähemalt.
Derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, ASICS stands for “a sound mind in a sound body,” making it one of the preferred brands for sports enthusiasts across the globe.

Tule ja tutvu meie adidase kollektsiooniga Tallinki Tennisepoes lähemalt.
Adidas designs products for athletes who always strive for their personal best and find inspiration in sports. Through innovation, the brand helps people achieve their peak performance by making them faster, stronger, smarter and cooler.

Tule ja tutvu meie Lucky In Love’i kollektsiooniga Tallinki Tennisepoes lähemalt.
For catering to the needs of a modern woman, Lucky in Love has put a unique twist on traditional tennis apparel. Through bright colors, unique patterns, and perfectly fitting silhouettes, the brand brings you a contemporary design combined with gorgeously feminine elements.

Tule ja tutvu meie Babolat kollektsiooniga Tallinki Tennisepoes lähemalt.
Founded in Lyon, France in 1875, Babolat is the first company to have specialized in racquet sports. As the world leader in producing natural gut strings, this legendary brand offers a complete range of products for tennis and badminton.

Tule ja tutvu meie Nike’i kollektsiooniga Tallinki Tennisepoes lähemalt.
Nike creates products for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation. By marrying inspiration with innovation, the company has gradually turned into the biggest athletic brand in the world.

Tule ja tutvu meie Robin Söderlingi kollektsiooniga Tallinki Tennisepoes lähemalt.
When the famous Swedish tennis player, Robin Söderling, was asked what his favorite tennis ball was, he couldn’t answer the question, so he decided to develop his own.