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Mon-Fri 7-23, Sat-Sun 9-21

From January 18th it is only allowed two people per court. Player and player or player and coach.
All competitions and group trainings are forbidden, the organiser or the person reserving the court is responsible for compliance with the requirements.


until 31.08.2021:

Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
TIME 7:00-17:00 17:00-21:00 21:00-22:30 9:00-20:30
PRICE 12 € / h 20 € / h 12 € / h 12 € / h

Booking of single-use passes on the Internet or on a smart device up to 7 days in advance with a 10% discount can be done by Club One card holders only.
Permanent booking discount 10%.
For permanent bookings, please, send an e-mail to:
Racket rental 5 €.

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