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Mon-Thu 7-22, Fri 7-21, Sat-Sun 9-21


until 31.8.2019:

Mon-Fri Mon-Thu Fri Sat-Sun
SUMMER SEASON 7:00-17:00 17:00-21:30 17:00-20:30 9:00-20:30
PRICE 10 € / h 17 € / h 10 € / h 10 € / h

Booking of single-use passes on the Internet or on a smart device up to 7 days in advance with a 10% discount can be done by Club One card holders only.
No discounts for single use-passes done by phone, e-mail or at the centre.
Permanent booking discount 10%.
For permanent bookings, please, send an e-mail to:
Racket rental 5 €.

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