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Tallink Tennis Centre OUTDOOR COURTS are open every day 9am–7pm.
Court hire 10 € per hour, no discounts applied. No more than 2 people at a time allowed per court.
Please, finish your game on time. Do not enter the gate before previous players have left the court!
Courts can be booked one day ahead and only through online booking system.
Paid online bookings can be rescheduled due to rain or wet courts only. Clubhouse, dressingrooms and toilets are closed.
Please, follow the advice of the Department of Health. In case you have any symptoms of illness, playing is not allowed.
More information during working hours: or 611 8383

ATTENTION! Indoor courts, studios and gym are temporarily closed due to an emergency situation declared by the Estonian Government.

Meet our coaches

Anu Ruutu

rühmatreeningud, jõusaal, personaaltreeningud, peatreener (EST/RUS/ENG)

Roman Lõžin

personaaltreeningud, rühmatreeningud (EST/RUS/ENG)

Raigo Kuusnõmm

personal trainer, gym (EST/RUS/ENG)


+372 515 8259

Anastasia Zherdetskaya

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Aleksander Jürgens

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 5770 3394

Aleksei Timofejev

tennis coach (EST/RUS)

+372 55571037

Matti Berg

group trainer (EST/ENG)
+372 611 8384

Jüri Leinvald

personal trainer, gym (EST/ENG/RUS)

Ivar Mikk

personal trainer, group trainer, gym (EST/ENG)

Daniil Agronov

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Riina Torkina

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 55515415

Anu Ruutu

group trainer, gym, personal trainer, head coach (EST/RUS/ENG)

Tuuli Jürgens

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/ENG)

Eveli Nikolajevski

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Peeter Karask

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Filipp Provorkov

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Dagmar Neem-Hannes

group trainer (EST/ENG)

Signe Kampus

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Julia Chizhova

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Roman Lyzhin

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Karina Timofejeva

group trainer (EST/RUS)

Elin Põiklik

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Dmitri Valuev

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Ksenia Kondrashkin

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Olga Grabovskaya

group trainer (EST/RUS)

Galina Holmar

group trainer (EST/ENG/RUS)

Viktoria Filippova

personal trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Olesya Dmitriyeva

group trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Svetlana Artjushenko

group trainer (EST/ENG/RUS)

Kadi Valgma

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Viktoria Matuzko

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Elina Aristova

personal trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Nikita Dvorkin

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Kristian Malinka

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 5900 2612

Märten Tamla

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Märt Kivirähk

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

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