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SPECIAL OFFER! 50% discount for pay and play in November as of following:
Tennis: Mon – Fri 12-15
Badminton: Mon – Fri 7-17
Discount available only when booking by phone 6118383, e-mail or at the front desk.

Please insert the first 6 numbers printed on the back of the Club One card and receive a 10% discount.
PS! If you have a digital card then push the note “MORE INFO ABOUT THE DIGITAL CARD->”under the digital card to find the 6 numbers.

Meet our coaches

Roman Lõžin

personaaltreeningud, rühmatreeningud (EST/RUS/ENG)

Raigo Kuusnõmm

personal trainer, gym (EST/RUS/ENG)


+372 515 8259

Anastasia Zherdetskaya

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Aleksander Jürgens

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 5770 3394

Aleksei Timofejev

tennis coach (EST/RUS)

+372 55571037

Matti Berg

group trainer (EST/ENG)
+372 611 8384

Jüri Leinvald

personal trainer, gym (EST/ENG/RUS)

Ivar Mikk

personal trainer, group trainer, gym (EST/ENG)

Daniil Agronov

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Riina Torkina

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 55515415

Anu Ruutu

group trainer, gym, personal trainer, head coach (EST/RUS/ENG)

Tuuli Jürgens

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/ENG)

Eveli Nikolajevski

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Peeter Karask

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Filipp Provorkov

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Dagmar Neem-Hannes

group trainer (EST/ENG)

Signe Kampus

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Julia Chizhova

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Meeli Kask

group trainer (EST/ENG)

Roman Lyzhin

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Karina Timofejeva

group trainer (EST/RUS)

Elin Põiklik

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Eliise Simanson

tennis coach (EST/ENG)
+372 518 1237

Olga Grabovskaya

group trainer (EST/RUS)

Galina Holmar

group trainer (EST/ENG/RUS)

Viktoria Filippova

personal trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Olesya Dmitriyeva

group trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Svetlana Artjushenko

group trainer (EST/ENG/RUS)

Kadi Valgma

group trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Elina Aristova

personal trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Kristian Malinka

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 5900 2612

Märten Tamla

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Märt Kivirähk

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

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