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Code of Good Practice

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The services provided at Tallink Tennis Centre are intended to be used by all Customers both based on the Customer Agreement and with a single pass.

While in Tallink Tennis Centre, the Customer can use a locker. When leaving Tallink Tennis Centre, a Customer must leave the locker key to the locker door. It is not allowed to leave any items in the locker. Upon damaging or losing the locker key, the Customer must pay a fine as indicated in the Price List.

We recommend using safe deposit boxes for storing any valuables.

When in sports halls and on courts, please wear sports clothes suitable for training and sporty indoor footwear with non-marking soles.

Choose enclosed footwear for the gym. Naked upper body and bare feet are not suitable for the sports hall. Always have a towel at hand when training.

Please do not be late for group trainings as it disturbs other attendants and insufficient warm-up may increase the risk of injuries.

At the end of a training session, please clean the training equipment with a disinfectant and place it back in its original place.

Please go to the tennis and badminton court by the beginning of your game time and finish playing on time.

It is not allowed to play against the inner walls and in indoor corridors.

Please keep your mobile phone on silent mode when on tennis courts and in training halls.

Alcohol and training do not match; if we suspect a Customer to be intoxicated by alcohol, we always ask them to leave Tallink Tennis Centre.

Keep shower rooms and saunas clean.

Be polite towards other Customers and considerate towards other people attending a training.

To ensure safety, video surveillance is provided in the public areas and on the courts at Tallink Tennis Centre.

Tallink Tennis Centre has the right to choose its customers.

While in Tallink Tennis Centre, Customers are obliged to follow the Code of Good Practice.


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