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Code of Good Practice

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Additional Rules of Good Practice for the period from 14 December 2020 to 3 January 2021
Sanitise your hands when you enter and exit the sports centre.
Wear a mask on the premises of the sports centre or cover your mouth and nose in another manner. It is not compulsory or advisable to wear a mask in the shower room, in the sauna or during working out. The requirement to wear a mask is not applicable to children under 12 years of age or if wearing a mask is not possible due to health concerns or due to the nature of the work or activity, or if there are other valid reasons.
Individual (one client alone) and personal trainings sessions (one client and their instructor) are permitted in the gym and on the premises for group training sessions.
Badminton and tennis may be played by two clients against one another or by one client and their instructor against one another.
Observe the ‘2+2 rule’ on the premises of the sports centre. This means that you should move around in the sports centre alone or in groups of two and stay at least two metres away from other individuals in the sports centre (this requirement is not applicable to families or in situations in which it is not reasonably possible to observe the rule).
Use your personal equipment (racket, mat, towel, etc.), if possible.
Do not come to the sports centre for no reason or if you have developed symptoms.
The sports centre ensures implementation of the measures for prevention of the spread of coronavirus set by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, taking into consideration the peculiarities of the sports centre (the restrictions are not applicable to professional athletes, including big league teams, national team members and candidates for the national team, or disabled individuals).

The Additional Rules of Good Practice will initially remain in force until 3 January 2021, but may be extended, if necessary.

Code of Good Practice

Wear sports clothes suitable for training and footwear with non-marking soles.

Do not use the gym barefoot or topless. Always keep your shirt on when using the tennis court.

Do not be late for group trainings – it disturbs other attendants and insufficient warm-up may increase the risk of injuries.

After use, clean the training equipment with a disinfectant and put it back in its original place. Always have a towel at hand when training.

Go to the tennis and badminton court by the beginning of your game time and finish playing on time.

Do not play in indoor corridors or against the inner walls.

Do not bring sweet beverages to the courts.

Put worn shuttlecocks and tennis balls to the basket intended for that purpose.

Do not play on wet courts.

Please keep your mobile phone on silent mode when on tennis courts and in training halls.

Be polite towards other customers and be considerate towards other people attending a training.

Keep shower rooms and saunas clean.

When leaving the sports centre, leave the key to the lock of the locker.

Do not leave personal items into lockers (except for Gold-level customers).

Use safe deposit boxes to store your valuables.

If a customer appears to be ill or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be asked to leave Tallink Tennis Centre.

To ensure safety, video surveillance is provided in the public areas and on the courts of Tallink Tennis Centre. The recordings are stored for two months.

Tallink Tennis Centre has the right to choose its customers.

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