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Book your training
Mon-Thu 7-22, Fri 7-21, Sat-Sun 9-21

A modern, well-equipped gym offers innovative solutions and allows you to train using the most up-to-date Technogym equipment.

Price Period
Full Package 43 € per month
Day Package (Mon-Fri 7-15, Sat-Sun) 27 € per month
30-Day Card 55 € 30 days
Single Visit 8 €
Additional visit outside the package 3.50 €
Trial Training 3 €
Yearly Full Package 300 € per year
Customer Card replacement 5 €
Joining Fee 5 €

Club One 10 % discount is valid for Full Package only and to be paid at the centre.

Content of the customer agreement.

Meet our coaches

Raigo Kuusnõmm

personal trainer, gym (EST/RUS/ENG)


+372 515 8259

Anastasia Zherdetskaya

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Jüri Leinvald

personal trainer, gym (EST/ENG/RUS)

Ivar Mikk

personal trainer, group trainer, gym (EST/ENG)

Daniil Agronov

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Anu Ruutu

group trainer, gym, personal trainer, head coach (EST/RUS/ENG)

Tuuli Jürgens

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/ENG)

Kristina Nuut

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Julia Chizhova

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Roman Lyzhin

group trainer, personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Ksenia Kondrashkin

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

Viktoria Filippova

personal trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Elina Aristova

personal trainer (RUS/ENG/EST)

Nikita Dvorkin

personal trainer (EST/RUS/ENG)

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