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Mon-Fri 7-23, Sat-Sun 9-21

Tallink Badminton School offers superb tennis training and excellent training facilities for badminton lovers of all ages. The staff of Tallink Badminton School consists of highly motivated young and very experienced coaches. Adult badminton lovers can choose from group and personal training. Fill in the fields below, and we will contact you!

Trainings for beginners
– Introduction of main shots, movements and tactical principles.
– Duration of the training course is 10 hours.
– Possible to use the equipment of Tallink Badminton School.

Before 5 P.M. 120 €
Weekends 120 €

Group Trainings

Once in a week Twice in a week
Before 5 P.M. 40 € 75 €
After 5 P.M. 52 € 95 €
Weekends 52 € 95 €

– Duration of the training is 60 min.
– Possible to use the equipment of Tallink Badminton School.
– Invoices are issued on the fifth day of every month for the current calendar month.
– In order to quit trainings one has to send an e-mail until 24th day of previous month at

Meet our coaches

Aleksander Jürgens

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 5770 3394

Märten Tamla

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Alo Ojassalu

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS/FIN)

Anži Toom

tennis coach (EST/RUS/ENG)
+372 508 7047

Aivo Ojassalu

tennis coach (EST/RUS/ENG/FIN)
+372 5684 8828

Aleksei Timofejev

tennis coach (EST/RUS)

+372 55571037

Elin Põiklik

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

Kristian Malinka

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)
+372 5900 2612

Märt Kivirähk

tennis coach (EST/ENG/RUS)

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